Charley Parden choreographs the visual world into surreal and timeless moments.  Using large format cameras and an intuitive sense of lighting, he transforms scenes into painterly images awash in lush abstraction and romance.  Parden’s unique and distinctive style is a deeply layered convergence of color and form that builds authentic characters and narratives.

Alabama born-and-raised, Parden first approached photography as a teenager, and spent much of his early years not just in the darkroom, but also immersed in the history and theory of the medium.  After graduating with a BFA at the University of Alabama, he moved to New York in 2007 to pursue a career in photography.  For a decade he worked as one of the top digital technicians in the industry, alongside some of the same world-class artists he studied growing up.  This foundation has given his burgeoning career a solid platform to build upon as he strikes out on his own.


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